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Dutch heavy rock collective Autumn make a return to the front with their new album "Stacking Smoke", the band's sixth full-length effort.

The album offers a collection of songs which further enrich the sound palette explored on previous albums Altitude and Cold comfort.

Autumn is Marjan Welman (vocals), Jens and Mats van der Valk and Ronald Landa (guitars and backing vocals), Maurice van der Es (bass), Jan Munnik (keys) and Jan Grijpstra (drums).


Headline show

25 September 2021 Volt, Sittard (NL)

Headline show

17 October 2021 De Flux, Zaandam (NL)

Headline show

TBA 2022 de Pul, Uden (NL)
Postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions


01 February 2020

One year ago, we released our sixth studio album Stacking Smoke after too long a time in obscurity. We took a leap of faith, forward, back into the musical fray. Who would still be waiting for us?
Well, as it turns out, you were. Thank you all for taking an interest in our music and thus justifying our very existence as a band.
We owe you one. We owe you one more. We will start writing a new album in 2020!

Below are just a handful of quotes, taken from reviews of Stacking Smoke that are truly humbling:

Melodic Metal, Italy. (8.0/10)
"This band has created an album that is well arranged, with textures and sounds that evoke emotions in everyone that listens to it."

Powerplay Magazine, UK (8.0/8.0)
"These eleven songs are a clear case of absence making the heart grow fonder. Autumn's re-invention is completed with this sixth album."

Rockmuzine, NL (8.8/10)
"A great comeback in every possible way"

Musikreviews, Germany (12/15)
"After a respite, Autumn are at the Zenith of their creative career, presenting a substantial album between progressive rock and metal which can be enjoyed for a very long time (especially with headphones)."

Progcritique, France (4.25/5)
"This new production of great melodic quality comes loaded with enormous technicality. Stacking Smoke is really a nice surprise!"

Metal Reviews (8.5/10)
"As you'd expect, Stacking Smoke is something of a mix of the previous two albums. Taking the adventurousness of Altitude and keeping some of the moodiness of Cold Comfort to result in a fascinating album that is excellent but takes a while for the listener to realise it."

DPRP (Dutch Progressive Rock Page), NL (8.5/10)
"Until now My New Time and Altitude have been jolsting for the spot as my favorite Autumn album. However by retaining the band‘s trademark melodies and grooves, but adding a captivating compositional depth and variety, I feel that Stacking Smoke beats them both. A very welcome return."

Power Of Metal, Denmark (8.0/10)
"The songs are diverse in style and sound dark and drooling with a keen production done by the band. You hear a lot of details (headphone material). After seven years a job well done, an honest album at a high performance level."

The Rocktologist (20/20)
"It’s just a collection of excellent, thoughtful rock songs. I have no doubt there will be much more to discover on repeated plays. There is just so much going on."

Music In Belgium, Belgium (4/5)
"Autumn's musical universe is rich in melancholic atmospheres. Marjan is wonderful in all registers and the production of the album is excellent."

Via Nocturna, Italy (7.9/10)
"The Elegance of the compositions, the clarity of the ideas, the rigor of the executions and the crystalline vocal performance show Autumn at their best level."

Rockerhead, UK
"This is an album worthy of anybody's shelf. Great release!"

Musika, Belgium (9.0/10)
"Marjan and co bring nothing less than pure quality and Stacking Smoke is a must have for fans of alternative rock, gothic metal, symphonic metal and other related genres."

Thanks for your support!





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